Psychocalisthenics at IPSB
- 2011-An Elective Movement Class-

Taught by Duffy Fainer April 4-May 2 (no class on April 13) 2011

:Mon and WEDS 3:30PM-5:30PM

Psychocalisthenics is a series of 23 movement/breathing exercises that awaken every muscle group in the body.

They take 17 minutes to perform, giving you extra energy, mental focus, and physical awareness. Each exercise has a precise movement and breathing pattern that promotes a surge of vital energy into all your organs, glands, and tissues, which balance emotions and improves alertness. The exercises combine familiar asanas from Hatha Yoga as well as western Calisthenics, to create a dynamic and enjoyable daily exercise routine.

Benefits include, improved health, mental clarity, emotional balance, increased agility and metabolism, and a powerful way to awaken yourself each morning.

Oscar Ichazo, founding Director of the world-renowned Arica School developed this exercise system 35 years ago for awakening the vital energy of his students in order to enhance the vitality required during formal sessions of meditation.

Course Overview and Objective:

This 8 session two hour class combines periods of seated meditation, guided relaxation, focused breathing, stretching, centered movement exercises from Martial Arts, Tai Chi and Arica Institute, plus learning the entire Psychocalisthenics series.

The student will enjoy a deeper sense of centered movement and an improved foundation to perform Tai Chi and bodywork, plus 25 various tools for Chi generation, relaxation and meditative focusing.

Download a 2 minute video that demos what Psychocal looks like


The Teacher:

Duffy Fainer has been a member of the Arica Institute and a student of the Taoist Martial Arts for 35 years. He practices Pyschocalisthenics, Chen and Yang style Tai Chi, and is a practitioner of Traditional Chiang Mai style Thai Massage. He's also a commercial pilot, professional demonstration skydiver, and 3 time world skydiving record holder.


For more information on this class and others, please contact Duffy.
P: 858.673-9848

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